Current events of BSPU

Year of 1933
September 1-st, Teacher's Institute was established.
Year of 1935
The First Graduation (17 historians, 22 linguists, 30 phisicists and mathematicians).
Year of 1938
The first botanic expedition to the Altai Mountains.
Year of 1941
Barnaul Teacher's Institute was renamed into Barnaul State Pedagogical Institute.
Year of 1951
The Institute's first archeological expedition.
Year of 1968
The first issue of the newspaper "The Teacher".
Year of 1973
The opening of the Students Club.
Year of 1983
The 50-th Aniversary, BSPI was awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner.
Year of 1992
The Faculty for Foreign Students Education, post-graduate School were established.
Year of 1993
In December, 1993 BSPI was elevated to the University status.
Year of 1994
An Affiliation of the International Department of Edication appeared at Barnaul University due to the assistance of RSPU(St.Petersburg).