Founded in 1989.

The Faculty was founded in 1989. It prepares educational professionals planning careers in education, psychology and valeology.. The Faculty offers the following programs: education and pre-school psychology combined with the career of a teacher of additional education, psychology and foreign languages; valeology correction education and special psychology; early childhood correction education and special psychology with additional training in oligophrenopedagogy.

Full-time, part-time and correspondence studies are available at the Faculty. Those who choose education and pre-school psychology are offered full-time and correspondence plans, those who take valeology and psychology as their career may chose between full-time and part-time study. The course of study at the Faculty lasts for five years.

Continuing education system within the complex "College of Education - Pedagogical University" allows college graduates, on a competative basis, to apply for admission to the 3-d year of the University.

The teaching staff see their priority mission in advancing the quality of the professional training of a teacher at the university.

Its three Departments - Early Childhood Education, Psychology of Education and Teaching Foreign Languages in early childhood are staffed with qualified teachers.

The employment outlook for students graduating in Early Childhood Education and Psychology is highly competitive as their curriculum has special emphasis on foreign languages.

The Faculty has modern facilities. Its laboratories are equipped with computers and audio aids. There is a therapeutic gymnasium, class-rooms for music, painting, sports, valeology.

Those who wish to continue their education can join either a postgraduate course or Magistracy.