Founded in 1965.

[Physical education department photo]

More than 400 students take:

at the Faculty.
There are 6 departments, good educational and sports facilities:
a stadium,
a ski pavilion,
classrooms and laboratories.

The Faculty was founded in 1965 and provides an opportunity for its students to acquire a complete course of higher pedagogical education which meets all up-to-date requirements both in physical education and in primary military training and health safety.

The teaching programs are offered by six departments which encompass over 60 Faculty members with a wealth of experience in their area.

Among them there are 3 Professors, Doctors of Science, 24 Associate Professors, Candidates of Science, 3 Honored Specialists in Physical Education, 6 Masters of Sports. The Faculty has prepared about 5 000 specialists, who work in Russia and worldwide. Many of them enjoy high titles of Honored Teachers - (5), Honored Coachmen of Russia. Kazakhstan, Moldavia -(15), Honored Specialists of Physical Culture -( 9), Honored Masters of Sports -(3). The Faculty is proud of its champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games as well as World and European Sport Tournaments. Among them are: S. Tarasov, S. Klevtchenya, V. Shkalov, N. Shubenkova, Ye. Razamasova, V. Denisov, Ye. Gretchushnikova, V. Kalmakov. D. Ivanitsky, Yu. Morozova, K. Gostyaev, 0. Fedoseeva. and also S. Kharakhordin.Yu Samorodov, V. Bougorsky. V. Skoritchenko. S. Tchoukovitov, G. Shulzhenko, N. Savinov and many others.

The professional sport rating of many students of the Faculty is high. They have special distinctions of First-Class Athletes or of Masters or Candidates for Masters of Sports. All the students are qualified for refereeing in various sports. In the course of education they choose one of four specializations that emphasizes individual career objectives: valeology. psychology, children and youth sports, massage.

The Faculty also provides facilities for theoretical as well as practical classes in special disciplines listed in the curriculum of two programs: physical education and primary military training.