Founded in 1933.

[Philology faculty photo]

The Faculty prepares teachers in Russian and Literature; and in Russian, Literature and Foreign Language. The three departments of the Faculty are: Russian, Literature, and Methods of Teaching Russian and

Literature. Besides, the Faculty offers three additional programs in Foreign Languages (English and German), Theater Pedagogy and Culture Study. Academic programs of the Faculty are supported by the facilities of 19 equipped rooms, by a qualified teaching staff that encompasses 8.4 percent of Professors, Doctors of Science and 62,6 percent of Associate Professors, Candidates of Science. The Department runs a Post-Graduate Course and a Research Center headed by Galina P Kozubovskaya, Prof., D.Sc. (Philol). The programs of the Faculty are regularly tailored to prepare top-quality teachers. In 1996-97 one person took a doctoral program, 12- post graduate courses, 3 persons defended their theses. In 1998 the Faculty had 15 post-graduate students.

The teaching staff in the Department of Literature and of the Russian Language are very successful in publishing their manuals, recommendations and teaching materials. Annually, the Faculty issues a collection of papers: academic work and research investigations effectively coexist here. Both professors and post-graduate students of this unit are active participants of the regional as well as international university conferences. During the last five years they took part in five international, ten - All - Russia and in four local conferences.

Today, there are 800 full-time and part-time students at the Faculty, who are subdivided into "Language" and "Literature" groups.

For 15 years, the Faculty of Philology has hosted local and Regional Contests inRussian and Literature, as well as Creative Contests for high school students. The Faculty actively involves the city teaching community into its practice and research conferences. New technologies of training language teachers have been developed here. The challenging innovations include a folk-lore ensemble "Scaz", a prize-winner of a number of city and regional contests, "Literary Fridays" parties, a Poetic Club and a theater studio. The students belonging to the theater groups appear at the University and city stages, they are participants of some other memorable occasions held at schools. The Faculty cherishes its relations with the graduates, among whom are Honored Teachers of Russian Federation, method teachers, professors and associate professors, outstanding journalists.