General Overview

At the Museum of History and Local Lore

The history teachers' training started out in 1933 taking as a basis Barnaul Teacher's Institute and the part-time Pedagogical Institute

At first it was a historical section in the Division of History and Philology, and since 1976 it acquired an independent status.

   Structure of the Division

The Division is a complex of science and education consisting of the following:

  • Department of National History
  • Department of World History
  • Department of Law and Methodics of Teaching History
  • Laboratory of Regional Historical Studies;
  • Center for Regional Studies (Russia and the East);
  • Museum of History and Local Lore;
  • Library of Regional Historical Studies;
  • Methodics Department of Teaching History.

Alon with these the complex includes:

  • Laboratory of Regional Historical Studies of Altai Institute of Teachers˘ Retratining;
  • Barnaul Pedagogical College;
  • Altai Pedagogical Liceum;
  • several rural and municipal schools.

Study Forms and Enrollment
The Division gives a full time education and an external degree, as well.
In present time there are more than 500 students at the Division.
Enrollment for a full-time program is 75 freshmen, and 50 freshmen for an external degree.
141 students are enrolled on a contract basis.

The enrollment ratesin 1998 are one person enrolled out of 4,6 ones applied.

Majors and Study Programs

The Divition gives degrees in the majors of

    • "540300 - social economical skills" (Bachelor Degree)
    • "020700 - history" (teacher of history).

Before accepting a multi-level system of education a graducate could receive a degree in an only major of "teacher of history and social law studies". The multi-level system of education gave an opportunity for students to attain the following minors along with the basic degree in history:

    • regional historical studies,
    • law,
    • cultural studies,
    • foreign language (English or German)

Magistre Program.

Areas of Scientifical Researches.

The areas of priority for scientifical research are:

    • ancient history (archeology) of Altai,
    • history of the native population and etnography of Russian old-residents in Siberia,
    • history of mining-metallurgical complex of the area,
    • international relations of Siberia and Far-East, and others.

Faculty of the Division and of Laboratory of Regional Historical Studies research the past and the present of German people in Altai. Cooperation with Centres from abroad allows to carry out joint educational programs and scientific researches.
All the departments and Laboratory of Regional Historical Studies hold work in the area of methodics of teaching history in schools and Universities.

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